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Three Things to Consider for Historic House Restoration

Hampton Luzak

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in American Studies from Hollins University, Hampton Barringer Luzak is a former on-air reporter with MSNBC who has also held creative roles in film and fashion. Most recently, Hampton Luzak has been engaged in restoring historical homes to drive up their value.

Before you invest in an older home, it's important to know what you're getting into. Below are three things you should think about when considering restoring a historical home:
1. Review its history - When restoring the house, you should make changes so that its layout and architecture represents and interprets its history. Research past owners of the house and find out what, if any, important events occurred there.
2. Stay true to its history - While you want to be able to tell which features have been recently updated, you shouldn't make design changes that aren't in line with the period in which the house was built.
3. Know the market - Some houses might have a higher resale value based on location and, to that end, you should budget accordingly. Research what renovated homes generally sell for in the area and use that knowledge to inform your purchase and your restoration budget.

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