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Making a Small Space Seem Larger

Hampton Luzak

A resident of Wyoming, Hampton Barringer Luzak has led a varied career in creative fields. She previously worked as a casting director for independent feature films, presented and produced segments on fashion for a cable television show, and handled marketing for a clothing design company. Currently, Hampton Luzak is involved in the home restoration and interior design industry.

When it comes to making a small room look bigger, colors play a major role in changing the feel of your home. Medium shades always make rooms feel smaller and are particularly constricting when used in a small room. Instead, create contrast and depth by combining bright whites and dark colors. This contrast helps the space feel more open and airy.

You can also create an open feeling by choosing the right furniture for your small space. Furniture that is lower to the ground creates more openness since it leaves more room above each piece. Meanwhile, leggy furniture helps air flow and creates the illusion that there’s extra room. Leaving the legs exposed also creates a sense of openness.
In a similar vein to deepening rooms, you also want to bring more natural light in. Open furniture helps with this, as do mirrors. Mirrors are great for small spaces due to their ability to reflect light. However, since they also reflect the view, they trick the eye into thinking a room has more space than it does. Curtains and drapes also let more natural light in. If eliminating drapes entirely isn’t an option for you, consider getting floor-to-ceiling drapes to make a space feel taller.

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