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    Hampton Luzak is a former on-air talent for MSNBC who, throughout her 30-year career, has achieved success in a variety of fields. Hampton Luzak has most recently focused her efforts on the restoration and interior design of historical homes throughout the northeastern United States and South Carolina. Additionally, Hampton Luzak serves as a member of both the Society of Mayflower Descendants and the Society of Colonial Dames.

    As a reporter with MSNBC, Hampton Luzak produced lifestyle segments and interviewed celebrities and athletes. She also served as an on-air reporter and producer for the now-defunct America's Talking channel. She later worked as a casting director for independent feature films based out of New York. Among other titles, she worked on the short films Sally and Chaperone, the latter of which earned numerous nominations and awards as well as an American Film Institute award for Best Short Film.

    In addition to her entertainment-based positions, Hampton Luzak also worked for an advertising firm and served as a marketer for Carlisle, a high-end fashion design company. The recipient of a bachelor of arts degree in American studies from Hollins University, Mrs. Luzak presently supports various nonprofit organizations, such as the Wilderness Society and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for which she has personally rescued dozens of dogs soon to be euthanized by transporting them to states with increased adoption cycles. She also supports educational and arts programs that serve children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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    Hollins University

    BA (Sep 1981 - Jun 1985)

    American Studies

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    25 août 2020 · Casting Director
    Hampton Barringer Luzak is a Jackson, Wyoming-based entrepreneur who has held a variety of...
    A graduate of Hollins University with a bachelor of arts in American studies, Hampton Luzak has...
    The recipient of a bachelor's degree in American Studies from Hollins University, Hampton...
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